October 25, 2013

Dressing up

Hello, all,

I hope your Friday is as beautiful as it is here today!

This morning a horrible chore was tackled, cleaning out my closet. Ugh! It isn't that small for an old house, yet something about how the door is positioned makes it hard to get in and out of. When you factor in cats who think it's a great place to choose for a snooze, it can get ugly fast. In the midst of sorting and organizing I came across a hanger full of things that seemed could be better housed elsewhere. It contained an assortment of dresser scarves. Why people used to dress up their dressers and bureau tops is a bit of a mystery, but there is no doubt a lot of time and effort was expended through the years to this end, resulting in some beautiful pieces. Here are a few:

I have several others, but they are white on white and it's not easy to see the detail in pictures. 
This one feels vaguely Swedish to me, for some reason. I like the ball fringe on the edges. It often gets put out in January, after the holidays are over. 
This cheerful floral one can make an appearance when Spring comes.
This is one most often put out in December. The red flowers remind me of poinsettias. Right now we have:
This is where they're utilized, on my religious table in the living room, like a runner.

Do you keep a lookout for these archaic, but still delightful pieces, too? If so, happy hunting!

Have a great weekend,

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Dewena said...

I do watch for them and treasure the ones I have. I love yours with the fringe and the cornucopia one is unique!

So much work went into them. I can picture the pride on a homemaker's face when she finished one.