October 21, 2013

Monday Mini

Hi, Friends,

I hope your week is off to a good start. I've been mildly productive so far, may it be  the start of a trend. What isn't good? Freddie the cat has decided the best place to sleep is on my laptop keyboard. So far that has meant the loss of the 0 key, not to mention when I got in here a few minutes ago he had started a Google search on 0, had something being narrated aloud, the task manager open and another screen I've never seen before up. Bad Freddie!

Here is a very minor effort:
 One rusty spring picked up from the street while out walking 
used as a handy little stand, possibly the easiest upcycle in history! 

Not much, but remember, Freddie is keeping me way busier than I want to be!

Have a good evening!


1 comment:

Dewena said...

That's cute!

I hope your cat doesn't end up buying a car on eBay like the little boy did!