January 28, 2015

A lot of to do for a redo

Hello, all,

We are having lovely weather here right now. I wish it was possible to ship some of it to Massachusetts and other parts of the northeast and give those poor folks a break. I stayed home all day and besides making a start on valentines, worked on this small project. It began with this:
a little box that has held paperclips for many years.
With the aid of:
and this for lining:

and some supplies already on hand, it turned into:
a miniature suitcase for some lucky doll or mouse to take on a trip. Or perhaps be filled with chocolate to brighten someone's day on February 14. My projects don't often turn out as perfectly gorgeous as those of many other bloggers, but it's still fun to try. Except now, when it's time to clean up.

Gotta go,

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