January 9, 2015

What a day!

Hello, everyone,

I hope you all have power and are warm with the chilly winter weather we're having now. It was sufficiently discouraging to keep me home all day, deeply involved in that horrible experience known as c-c-c-c-c-cleaning. Really more organizing but still bad enough that I'm tired. I spent most of the day working to straighten up and streamline the large closet in our living room all the seasonal and holiday decoration is kept in before stuffing the Christmas stuff out of sight. It was quite a challenge, but is better now, if not perfect. Around midday after stopping for lunch I took a break long enough to fix a display on the dining room buffet. It is an experiment in having live plants in the house. That's never worked out before, because the cats eat them, but this time they're in the terrarium, so perhaps there is a better chance of them escaping the terrible moggie munchers. What do you think? 

Here it is empty. I lined the bottom with broken terra cotta tiles left on the street near our house when a box fell off a truck. Then three succulents from the front area came inside, so now we have:

The one in the blue pot is too tall to shut the top. 

You can see the tiles in this picture.

A little touch of green in the midst of winter is never a bad thing, after all. 

Farewell, Christmas; hello, January. Time will tell if these plants will survive indoors. It's doubtful, but hey, it's a new year; let's embrace new possibilities, right? 

Have a great weekend,


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Tricia said...

Congrats on your closet adventures! The terrarium looks great with the plants inside. You'll have to report back whether the tall one is STILL too tall for the top to close, after the kitties discovered the new addition to the decor.