January 13, 2015

Oh, what a relief it is!

Happy Tuesday, everyone, how is January going for you so far? Cold and wet has been the name of the game here, pretty steadily.

Once upon a time there as an old lady who liked to do crafty things. She wasn't especially good at it, but enjoyed the process, once she got started. That often took a while, because of the struggle to find materials and supplies. A hint read on the internet in one of the multiple articles that always appear at the beginning of each year about organizing changed all that, though. Behold, the new, improved system and admire the new reality here:
A clear plastic shoe bag that hangs over the top of a door from Amazon is the hero. 
Pipe cleaners, paintbrushes, scissors, glue all have their own pockets, and are clearly visible. No more delay to making something because glue has gone awol, or trim nowhere to be found. 
Markers for drawing have a slot and touch up markers for wood furniture a separate one. Push pins and tacks are in baby food jars sorted by color and all the paint samples are together, ready to grab and use. 

Before, everything was in some kind of container, a box, basket or tin, but not accessible without dragging those all out and rooting around, a poor method if there ever was one. It should be light years easier to do anything from now on. Thank you, internet, for suggesting this handy dandy solution to keep many small items available without making a mess!

Have a good one,


Tricia said...

Love this, Michele! What a great solution! Is this inside the door of the closet you're using for seasonal decor? Happy crafting!

Linda said...

Excellent organization! I may have to use your idea for similar items at my house.