January 16, 2015

Moving right along

from the dining room debacle, today the bedroom got a bit of much-needed effort concentrated on it. I don't know if you have this tendency, but my first impulse is to clean and neaten public rooms and the kitchen and leave our room till it is in a bad way. After removing the terrarium/holiday decor it was clearly time to change that. Since the nightstands are new and fairly neat, the dresser was where the concentration of effort was. 
Everything was removed, cleaned, emptied, wiped or in whatever way necessary sanitized. This was also when I moved the art work up higher towards the shelf.
Here is the shelf. On the right is my first experiment using an embroidery hoop to display a vintage handkerchief. I've picked up a couple more at thrift shops so will experiment with those in the near future. And there you have it. The room also got dusted and vacuumed so is in good shape to finish up on Friday.

May you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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