January 8, 2015

Thursday, partly Wednesday

Hello, Friends,

My computer decided to be more cooperative today, so here's a tail end from Wednesday:
My favorite piece is still the tiny little miniature cookie cutter in the shape of a cat, less than 1/2 inch tall.

Meanwhile, today at the Sand Dollar I found one of those portable, over the sink shelves. We had one already, but it wouldn't fit over the fixtures here. This is much taller and does. Here it is:
Since there is no window by the sink, it's nice to not have to stare at the bare wall anymore. That left space on the windowsill, so some of my beloved plaid and other thermos bottles were relocated there. 
The blue swirled striped one is a recent $2 find at the Assistance League. They are probably better over there. On top of the fridge Mr. B tended to knock them down regularly. That's all that's been accomplished around here lately. Good luck with your January projects.

Take it easy!

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