January 15, 2015

Plan B

Hello, all,

Wow, we are nearly halfway through the first month of the new year; as usual, time is flying. Or at least it feels like it when you're this age!

Yesterday the destruction of my attempt to have live plants indoors was revealed. Here is what we're going with now:
Back to fake succulents. The one in the silver cup was found at Dollar Tree this week and is very realistic. It was put in the silver cup, it came in plastic. The others were from thrift shops, as was the Mercury glass container on the right. It has a handle and is almost like a small ice bucket. It was 50% off a $4.99 price tag at Value Village the week after Christmas. 
I like the combination of succulents and silver.
Here are some more fakes, three miniature tea light candles. Their bottoms were wrapped with washi tape to spiff them up a little. 

Today this and going to Bible study were about all that got accomplished, but at least the cats shouldn't be interested in these plants now.

Have a good one!


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