January 22, 2015

Soggy Thursday

Hello, people, from wet and rainy Houston. Nice to get the precipitation, unless you have to be out in it; that's not much fun. I scuttled home as quickly as possible after Bible study was over this morning and was glad to get inside and pt on dry, warmer clothes. Did the shadows in the weather nudge my imagination to make a shadow box from an old drawer? Could be. Here are the elements:
a vintage tin flute with a sprig of green,
a little wooden tree,
a lucky die--for those of us old enough to remember when $64,000 was an unimaginable sum to win on television!

I love this little wooden sofa that was a quarter on my last trip to Manna. It seemed close enough in spirit to fit in with the miniature chairs. 
And there it is together with a little red bird perched on top. Why have dull bookshelves when there's room on them in front of the main contents?

Stay dry!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Very cute, Michele! Those elements came together nicely!