January 20, 2015

Creative Organization

Hello, all,

Like many of you, waste is actually painful to me. It doesn't seem right not to use what we have, or spend $$ on things that end up later in a donation box. Case in point, this:
a nice hanger for pants that seemed like something Mr. B could use. Except he didn't. It wasn't expensive, came in a bag with several other wooden coat hangers that were in service, but still. Then, while working in our bedroom and the closet a light dawned, revealing that scarves aren't a big part of my wardrobe because folded in a drawer it never occurs to me to put one on. Now, hanging on a rod, it is much more likely:
Out of sight, out of mind is all too accurate, and doesn't just refer to people by any means. It's a very minor aha moment, but is working well for me so far.

Take it easy!


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