January 6, 2015

This and that


How's Tuesday treating you? This is a quickie, because my phone has been ringing off the hook all day.

First, here's the picture of the desk from yesterday:
There are small photographs in that open wooden box that looks like a stack of books. The marble base with a baby shoe and pen is from my grandparents. The shoe belonged to my mother's older brother, born around 1920.

Next, the effort to get pictures on the walls instead of leaning against them is ongoing. In our bedroom, over Mr. B's side:
These two pretty prints were in the dining room of the other house, but this dr doesn't have as much wall space available with all the doors, so it seemed like a good place to put them, since he is the big bird lover in our house. The soft tones they're done in are pretty neutral and able to coordinate with most color schemes. 

Our weather is nice now, but we're gearing up for an arctic front that will dip all the way down here, so my advice is stay in and warm if you possibly can.


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