January 2, 2015

A Shelfie for the New Year

Hi, folks,

I hope you're enjoying the tail end of the holidays and start of 2015. It is cool and dreary here, typical Texas winter weather. Mr. B reluctantly went back to work this morning. While he  was home, I got him to do a grand total of one real project. In the early part of December I picked up a piece at the Junior Forum, the same day as the major cat tree score. It was plain painted wood that was left as it was when bought, aside from having the dust wiped off. It found a home in our bedroom and here is the picture, a shelfie rather than a selfie:
It is on the wall facing our bed, over the good night sign.
It seems a little high to me, but he made it clear he's not doing the installation a second time, so will have to do.
As you see, right now it has the wreath that was already on that wall, some of my little chair collection and a couple of fake succulents. The little canvas was a thrift shop find that is like an envelope with old stamps and writing.No doubt the display will change at times during the year. The medium dark green seems sufficiently neutral to go with most other linens and decorative pieces used, so I'm pleased with this score. Even though it's pretty darn high.

Have a good one!


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Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I love your collection of little chairs you've displayed on your thrifted shelf!