January 19, 2015

January Score - 2014

Hello, friends, 

I hope your week is off to a good start. My Monday has so far been dutifully spent at home, cleaning and organizing; sadly, there is nothing wonderful to show off from the effort, but surely credit is given for trying? I hope so!

A lot of bloggers are doing best of posts from the previous year, and I hopped on the bandwagon too. Mine are going to be best score/find per month from last year. 

It didn't take a lot of thought to choose this as the primo pick from January. It was new, with tags still attached made by Jan Constantine. A search on the internet showed one smaller than this, 10"x 14" versus mine which is 18" x  13". The one online was $67. The one in the picture was $2.99. Score! Nothing in the past twelve months has diminished the pleasure it gives me every time I walk past the chair it's currently in near the front door. 

Let's hope we all find something equally as thrilling before the month is over for 2015.

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