January 27, 2015

Coming Soon

Hello, friends,

I am thinking about you and sending prayers your direction if you live in the area where the massive snow storm is. Take care and stay warm! Of course, this month is January, so a certain amount of cold weather is to be expected, which is one good  reason for thinking ahead to February. It's short, but does take us a little closer to spring. Soon I will go into heavy Valentine's mode, but today my thoughts turned to another event in that month, Mardi Gras. 

Here are a couple of things to celebrate that:
Last year I made this:

It's a portable Mardi Gras kit made in a mint tin. You have beads, confetti and a crown that can be carried in your pocket. Now I'm wondering how soon is too soon to put the one on the dining room table. Hmmm.

That's all there is to report here. Have a good one!


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