January 7, 2015

The Blog Slog

Hello, Friends,

I  try to write every weekday, but sometimes it's not easy and it's not just because of imagination failure or that sort of operator error. Sometimes our mechanical tools let us down. Like today, when several pictures were taken but the computer is stubbornly determined to not let them out again to share, for some unknown reason. Sigh. My efforts have been focused on the living room the past few days, although you might not guess to see it now. Trust me, there is a plan. Meanwhile, I moved the cat shrine from the top of the washstand to the shelf on the wall above it. Here is the result:
It works okay, don't you think? There are a couple more details to switch out and others that have been done--thanks a bunch, missing pictures--so stay tuned. 

And stay warm! The Arctic blast is headed even as far south as we are, so it's one heck of a storm.


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