January 12, 2015

Let there be dark!

Hello, all,

Before we ever moved here I bought some rods and curtains for the bedroom, thinking that it would be better to have an extra layer between us and the two streets (we're on a busy corner) than just blinds. Mr. B balked. Who knows why, but he resisted a full six + months before bowing to the inevitable, getting out his drill and level and installing the rods. Then, much to my delight, he was furious with himself when he saw how much better we slept with the light and sound blocking material on the windows. It was very difficult to refrain from saying "Well,DUH!" but I managed somehow. Here is the room with the new additions:
The side wall window. The one in the front, behind our bed is a different height. Mr. B. put the rod the same as this one, though.

Freckles seems to be rather skeptical of the project.
One last look. It is a relief to finally get this crossed off the list at last. Now the room is done, insofar as having a rug, appropriate furniture and some relief from noise and streetlights. Now, to start the campaign for a rod in the library and pray it doesn't take another six months! 

That's what we've been doing. How about you?


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