January 21, 2015

All hooped up

Happy Hump Day to everyone.

No, not hopped up. Don't worry, I haven't started swigging Geritol from a flask in my pocket yet. I've been experimenting with using embroidery hoops to display some of my vintage hankies, and here is the result:
These are fun and could hardly be easier. Plus, they're so light they're a cinch to hang.
This one has a combination of embroidered and appliqued flowers.
This one is a little more flamboyant. It has a wide border of solid green around the edge.
This was the first one tried, a splashy flower print. It's cute, don't you think? 

There you have it, an easy-peasy way to display hankies if you have them. It also seems like an excellent jumping-off place for a Valentine, too. 

Have a good one,


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Love this idea, Michele! Where do you have them hanging?