January 5, 2015

Starting the new year

Hello, all,

I hope if this was your first day back to work or school the return to reality wasn't too traumatic. My efforts ended up being concentrated mainly in the library today. Here is what's been done now the room has the holiday decorations gone.
The Christmas house poster is gone and now both of the antique books and shelves are hung side by side.
Above the peg rack by the front door is this oval portrait of my grandmother, my mother's mother. Her name was Dillie May Mayberry Harris. She was born in 1895. My guess is the picture was taken around 1913-1915. It has that wonderful bowed glass covering it.
The top picture was reframed and moved from the other side of the room. 
Here is the top of the folding bookcase sans the decorations of December.
And here is the desk, ditto. I'm still pleased with the mirror in that space. I did more on the desk itself but the picture was too blurry, so that will have to wait for another day. My main project now is to reorganize the big closet where all the decorations are stored, but that will be no quick fix. It felt important to have the first room people enter spiffed up as first, so that's what today was all about. 

Have a good week.



Tricia said...

I love that portrait of your grandmother! My parents have similar ones of my great-great-grandparents hanging in their house, but they were older and very grim-looking! Your grandmother looks fetching!

Linda said...

I agree with Tricia. Wonderful portrait of your grandmother. What was her husband's name? I'm asking because my maiden name is Harris. I wonder how far back I have to trace the tree to find out how we're related!